Research activities in High- energy Astrophysics

Research activities in High- energy Astrophysics

Volume 93 n. 2-3 2022

PDF file
O. Straniero
Stars and physics beyond the Standard Model
PDF file
E. Orlando
The high-energy emission from the quiet Sun
PDF file
T. Belloni, et al.
High-Energy observations of Stellar-mass Compact Objects: from CVs to the most luminous X-Ray Binaries
PDF file
G. Israel et al.
The Extragalactic Population of Accreting Neutron Stars and the Ultraluminous
X-ray Sources Paradigm: from ULTraS to PULSULTraS
PDF file
M. Orio
X-ray observations of accreting and burning white dwarfs
PDF file
M. Brusa, et al.
Supermassive Black Hole Winds in X–rays
PDF file
M. Dadina et al.
Probing AGN feedback in the most luminous QSO at cosmic noon
PDF file
G. Risaliti, et al.
Quasars at High-Redshift: Physics and Cosmology
PDF file
P. Severgnini, et al.
Supermassive Black Hole Binaries and dual AGN
PDF file
E. Torresi, et al.
Exploring the radio morphology-accretion mode link in radio galaxies at high energies
PDF file
E. Pian, et al.
Probing the physics of compact extragalactic sources over multiple scales
PDF file
S. Andreon & F. Castagna
Our approach to the thermodynamic evolution of galaxy clusters
PDF file
S. Ettori, et al.
Galaxy clusters in X-rays: the buildup of massive structures in the last 10 Gyrs,
PDF file
A. Moretti, et al.
Environmental processes at work in galaxy clusters: triggering of the AGN activity
and development of X–ray tails
PDF file
P. Tozzi, et al.
Mapping Feedback Processes in the Intracluster Medium at low and high redshift
PDF file
A. De Luca, et al.
The ULTraS project: Understanding the X-ray variable and transient sky
PDF file
G. Stratta, et al.
On the origin of afterglow ”plateaus” in gamma-ray bursts
PDF file
G. Ghisellini, et al.
The new age of Gamma Ray Bursts: physics and multi-messengers
PDF file
C. Guidorzi, et al.
A search for high-energy counterparts to extragalactic fast radio burst sources with Insight–HXMT
PDF file
M. Bertaina, et al
A search for Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays and nuclearites in TUS observations
and a study of the relative exposure
PDF file
E. Amato, et al.
On the escape of cosmic ray leptons and their impact on the background plasma
PDF file
P. Blasi, et al.
A Modern Approach to Cosmic Ray Transport in the Galaxy
PDF file
F. Donato & S. Recchia
Inverse Compton halos around Pulsar Wind Nebulae
PDF file
S. Orlando, et al.
Connecting supernova remnants to their parent supernovae
PDF file
M. Regis, et al.
Deciphering the high-energy sky via angular cross correlations
PDF file
E. Caroli, et al.
3DCaTM: a 3D Cadmium Zinc Telluride spectroscopic module for hard X- and
γ-ray astronomy
PDF file
O. Catalano, et al.
FluChe: Fluorescence and Cherenkov light detection with SiPM for space and
ground applications
PDF file
E. Virgilli, et al.
Increase of the Technological Readiness Level for the realization of hard X-/soft gamma-ray Laue optics
PDF file
R. Gilli, et al.
Next Generation X-ray Imaging Surveys
PDF file
A. De Rosa, et al.
Science case study and scientific simulations for the enhanced X-ray Timing Polarimetry mission, eXTP
PDF file
D. D’Urso, et al.
POX – PANGU Optimization and eXperimental verification: design and perfor-
PDF file
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